February 24, 2014

M. Lockwood Porter: Judah's Gone

Singer-songwriter M. Lockwood Porter grew up on a farm in Oklahoma and now lives in Berkeley. Those two world collide on his debut album Judah's Gone, a lo-fi album alternating between solo acoustic Americana and electric country-rock. With wavering vocals that require some patience to fully appreciate Porter looks at himself, his love affairs and his roots.

Obviously inspired by the likes of Jeff Tweedy, Neil Young (Osage County sounds a bit too much like Helpless), Ryan Adams and his childhood hero Bruce Springsteen, he is an artist to watch. And don't let some slick producer try to clean up his sound. The warts-and-all of these recordings only add to his appeal.

M. Lockwood Porter: vocals, acoustic & electric guitar, bass, piano, Rhodes, organ, harmonica
Peter Labberton: drums, percussion, bass on “Osage County”
Bevan Herbekian: bass on “There’s Something Wrong With Me” and “Judah’s Gone”, backing vocals on “Osage County”
Josh Yenne: pedal steel on “Judah’s Gone”, “There’s Something Wrong With Me”, and “Darkside”
Dayna Hamman: backing vocals on “Judah’s Gone”

M. Lockwood Porter: Judah's Gone

Judah's Gone is a self-released album. Buy it from his website.

  1. Judah's Gone
  2. Now My Time Has Come
  3. There's Something Wrong With Me
  4. Stephen
  5. Menelaus
  6. Down At The Lake
  7. Tonight
  8. Darkside
  9. Higher Home
  10. Osage County
  11. Retraction

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