February 12, 2014

Inventionis Mater: Does Humor Belong In Classical Music?

Does Humor Belong In Classical Music? Good question. Firenze based Pierpaolo Romani (clarinet & bass clarinet) Andrea Pennati (classic guitar) have a simple answer; yes, it does. They rearranged some of Frank Zappa's music for their instruments of choice and put them on an album that got a thumbs up from Frank's son Dweezil.

It would have been easy just to pick instrumentals like Peaches en Regalia and Sofa N° 2. A challenging task to rework them for duo like this, but what they came up with for songs as Catholic Girls and Let's make the water turn black is nothing short of amazing. A clarinet can sing and a single guitar can be a full rhythm section.

Does Humor Belong In Classical Music? is a self-released album. Buy it from CD Baby or the duo's website.

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