February 26, 2014

I Am Oak & The Black Atlantic: Black Oak

Dutch folk artists I am Oak (Thijs Kuijken) and The Black Atlantic (Geert van de Velde) have been admiring each other's music for years. Both singers deliver their tunes with their upper register vocals right upfront. They finally got together to cut the split EP Black Oak. Three tracks each: a new one, a collaboration and a cover. The songs are drenched in melancholy, with gentle acoustic guitars and carefully placed strings and dreamy backing vocals. An EP that feels like a comfy blanket, especially when their voices melt together as one.

Pre-order the Black Oak – Split EP from Snowstar Records. The vinyl 10"" is limited to 555 copies

I Am Oak & The Black Atlantic: Black Oak Side A:
  1. The Black Atlantic - Fracture
  2. The Black Atlantic (feat. I Am Oak) - Rove
  3. The Black Atlantic - Curt
Side B:
  1. I Am Oak - How Long
  2. I Am Oak (feat. The Black Atlantic) - Thaw
  3. I Am Oak - Reverence For Fallen Trees

The projected joint tour is currently being rescheduled, due to family related matters. I am Oak had to cancel the dates in Switzerland.

» iamoak.com
» theblackatlantic.com

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