February 20, 2014

Axxa/Abraxas: Axxa/Abraxas

Ben Asbury is an old soul who fell in love with late Sixties psychedelic rock and analog synths. He has released a string of CD-R's and cassettes before landing a deal with Captured Tracks to handle the debut album of his latest project Axxa/Abraxas.

Based in the musical hotspot of Athens, GA, he put together a band that is well versed in dreamy off-kilter pop repertoire. With whirling keyboards, tugging bass, muffled drums and a twin guitar front line the self-titled debut bubbles and flows gently. Asbury is a piedpiper who has designed his own costume, a patchwork of old things and new.

Ben Asbury: guitar, vocals
Brian Kinkade: guitar
Jody Wall: bass
Joe Moresi: organ, synth
Andy Loebs: drums, bass
Sam Schulz: drums, the rest

Axxa/Abraxas is released on Captured Tracks. The limited edition vinyl edition (300 copies) includes the Rta Art Collective synth cassette Desolation (Inner Space). Release date: March 4.

Axxa/Abraxas: Axxa/Abraxas

  1. Ryan Michalak (Is Coming to Town)
  2. Going Forth
  3. I Almost Fell
  4. Beyond The Wind
  5. Same Signs
  6. So Far Away
  7. Ride Into the Night
  8. Painted Blue
  9. On The Run
  10. All That’s Passed

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