January 10, 2014

The Persian Leaps: Praise Elephants

Have The Smiths resurfaced in St. Paul, Minnesota? Power-pop quartet The Persian Leaps must been listening a lot to Marr, Moz and co. Throw in a bit of old school R.E.M., a dash of The Replacements and presto: a recipe for a sweet EP.

Praise Elephants is loaded with jangling guitar hooks; noise pop with a flourish that has college rock radio written all over it. There is heartfelt lament (Not That Brave), raw shoegaze (Silent Treatment, Sleepless) and well-executed Big Star inspired harmonizing (Exponentially Devoted). This is an EP that should be in heavy rotation at independent record stores. Can someone offer them a limited 10" vinyl release?

The Persian Leaps: Praise Elephants

The Persian Leaps:
Drew Forsberg: vocals, guitar
Brad Hendrickson: guitar, vocals
Neil McCloskey: bass, vocals
Mike McCloskey: drums, vocals

(Note: after recording the EP Neil McCloskey moved to another city. They are down a trio for now, with Brad Hendrickson switching over to bass).

Praise Elephants is a released on Land Ski Records. Buy it from their website.

  1. Hard Feelings
  2. Not That Brave
  3. Silent Treatment
  4. Exponentially Devoted
  5. Sleepless

Live dates:
  • 01/10 Cause Spirits & Soundbar, Minneapolis, MN
  • 02/20 Amsterdam Bar and Hall, St. Paul, MN

» thepersianleaps.com

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