January 21, 2014

Secret Colours: Positive Distractions Part I

The digital age has brought back the EP. Waning attention spans and people picking just a few tracks have made the full-length album taken a back seat as the the principal format. Chicago psychedelic shoegazers Secret Colours decided to release their new stack of songs in two parts. Positive Distractions Part I will be followed by Part II in April and the whole she-bang will be released on vinyl and cassette.

With their melodic retro-sound - lots of reverb on the guitar and the good old flanger effect - the quartet is riding the wave of neo-Sixties acts like Tame Impala. They can't be accused of epigonism however. Looking for the perfect song can't be wrong and they come close with upbeat It Can't Be Simple and their plea to Take It Slow, with a lead guitar part that could have been on early Frank Black solo albums. They've created of mix of their musical heroes and come up with a sound that's familiar and very much their own simultaneously.

Secret Colours:
Tommy Evans: vocals, guitar
Mike Novak: guitar
Justin Frederick: drums
Eric Hehr: bass

Secret Colours: Positive Distractions Part I

Positive Distractions Part I is a self-released EP. Release date: February 4.

  1. City Slicker
  2. It Can't Be Simple
  3. Take It Slow
  4. Monster
  5. Get To The Sun
  6. Rotten Summer

Live date:
  • 01/31 Chicago, IL @ Double Door

» secretcolours.com

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