January 28, 2014

Kapok: Kapok

photo: Marleen Kuipers

Dutch jazz trio Kapok are all over the place on their new self-titled album. They set up shop at Beverweerd Castle in Werkhoven and made good use of the building's great natural acoustics. They had plenty of time to explore the possibilities of their compositions, tossing them around, taking them apart and find new ways to put them back together. The trio are not jazz purists. Guitarist Timon Koomen comes up with a funky rhythm in Days of the Tentacle, with Morris Kliphuis' cornet going for Tex Mex. Drummer Remco Menting finds an appropriate African beat for Lesotho.

They've grown a lot since their debut album Flatlands. The fun is still here, but after being on the road for an extended time they take more risks and jam without losing focus. It's quite a feat that after all their hard work a free-flowing track like Arcadia and the Tom Waits-like Senor Mysterioso can sound like one take wonders: expert musicianship and on the spot spontaneity rolled into one. Hats to all involved capturing the vibe.

Morris Kliphuis: horn, cornet
Timon Koomen: guitar
Remco Menting: drums, percussion

Kapok: Kapok

The album will be released on Challenge Records on February 7th. Two versions: normal digipack (in stores) and the special edition in a silkscreen cover which will be sold the merch table during the upcoming Dutch club tour. The cover art was made Studio Airport.

  1. Americana
  2. Lesotho
  3. Days of the Tentacle
  4. Earthbound
  5. Abraxas
  6. Senor Mysterioso
  7. Arcadia
  8. The Long Way Home

Kapok: Kapok (silkscreen) Live dates:
  • 01/31 Pleintheater, Amsterdam (try-out)
  • 02/01 VERS festival, Sneek
  • 02/06 Kapitaal, Utrecht (CD release party)
  • 02/07 Cultuurhuis, Heerlen
  • 02/08 Concerto (instore), Amsterdam
  • 02/12 Theater aan het Vrijthof, Maastricht
  • 02/13 Muziekcentrum Arke Zaal, Enschede
  • 02/19 Theater Odeon, Zwolle
  • 02/20 Theaters Tilburg Studiozaal, Tilburg
  • 02/21 Duycker, Hoofddorp
  • 02/22 Schouwburg, Amstelveen
  • 02/27 Stadstheater, Zoetermeer
  • 03/06 Bird, Rotterdam
  • 03/13 Luxor Live, Arnhem
  • 03/14 Paard van Troje, Den Haag
  • 03/15 Rasa, Utrecht
  • 03/21 Bimhuis, Amsterdam
  • 03/22 De Spieghel, Groningen
  • 04/16 De Kluiz, Oosterhout

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