January 09, 2014

John Cale & Thurston Moore: keynote speakers @ Liverpool Sound City

John Cale and Thurston Moore have been confirmed as keynote speakers at the seventh edition of Liverpool Sound City (May 1-3):

Genre-busting pioneers, John Cale and Thurston Moore formed two of the most influential bands of the twentieth century in The Velvet Underground and Sonic Youth, reinventing music and spawning thousands of bands in their wakes.

Continuing to influence and impact on the industry, John has since recorded 15 solo studio albums including his best-known, the 1973 album Paris 1919, and produced or collaborated with artists as diverse as the Patti Smith Group, Squeeze, The Stooges and The Happy Mondays. In 2011, he signed to Domino Record’s subsidiary Double Six, and in October 2012, released his first full-length release for seven years with the mischievously-titled Shifty Adventures in Nookie Wood.

David Pichilingi, CEO of Sound City, said: “We promised a step change this year and we have delivered. John and Thurston are two of the biggest global names in music – not just for the records they’ve made but the artists they have inspired and the sub-cultures they’ve inspired. For decades right up to the present day being into the Velvets or Sonic Youth isn’t just a decision to buy a record – it’s a lifestyle choice. These guys literally changed the world, what people listen to, what they think, how they dress.”

Both John and Thurston will be discussing their careers to date, what influenced them, their relationships with other artists and cultural icons and a look to the future.

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