January 01, 2014

Ghost Pal: Infinity of Folded Cloth

Brooklyn based noise pop band Ghost Pal has grown into a septet for their latest single Infinity of Folded Cloth, written by the band's multi-instrumentalist Oliver Ignatius. Recorded at his Mama Coco’s Funky Kitchen studio, the track was put together over a couple of months - it sounds like everyone who was invited to add a bit happily obliged.

With psychedelic rock as their starting point there are hints of prog, pop and jazz. Ignatius kept an eye on separation before it would turn into a self-indulgent mess. He is the owner of his own musical candy store - he knows how how to refrain from getting smashed on his own goods.

Ghost Pal:
Alexandre da Silva: acoustic guitar
Miguel Horowitz: coin jar
Oliver Ignatius: vocals, bass, electric guitar, keyboards, handclaps
Henry Kandel: didgeridoo, saxophone, handclaps
Carson Moody: drums, percussions, piano slices
Jacob Sunshine: electric guitars, handclaps

Infinity of Folded Cloth is a self-released single. Buy it (pay-what-you-want) from the band's website.

» ghostpal.bandcamp.com

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