January 20, 2014

Baby Scream: Greatest Failures

Juan Pablo Mazzola, main man of Argentinian powerpop band Baby Scream has collected the best stuff from his back catalog for an album with the self-deprecating title Greatest Failures. The oldest songs date from 2006, proof that he had high standards from the get-go. Had he been carrying an English passport, changes are that he would have been all over the front page of magazines like NME. He is into Britpop with a twist. The Beatles are obviously a big influence, especially George Harrison's guitar tone features prominently.

Mazzolla always finds a way to get his vocals upfront, even when the band lets rip in a track like Every Day (I Die A Little Bit). With a sharp eye for his daily surroundings, he can tell a full story within three minutes or less. If Tim Burton ever tries his hand on a movie about Jekyll & Hyde, he need look no further for the main theme of his soundtrack. Recommended if you like Jordan Galland and The Real Tuesday Weld.

Baby Scream: Greatest Failures

Greatest Failures is released on Eternal Sunday Records.

  1. Slut
  2. Mars
  3. Away
  4. Every Day (I Die A Little Bit)
  5. Ups & Downs
  6. The Riots
  7. Morning Light
  8. Nicole
  9. Ojos Orientales
  10. Exile
  11. Jekyll & Hyde
  12. The Ghosts Of Valerie (feat. Eric Dover)
  13. Hit And Run
  14. Secret Place
  15. Achin’ Eyes

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