December 10, 2013

The New Royales: Freedom’s For The Brave

The New Royales
photo: Mike Quain

Vancouver quartet The New Royales are musical omnivores. DJ Khalil and Chin Injeti are succesfull producers whose credits include Jay Z, and Eminem, singer Liz Rodrigues is an in-demand backing vocalist, and Erik Alcock is the sole rocker. Their forthcoming mixtape Freedom’s For The Brave will include songs by The Kinks, The Monks, The Beatles, The White Stripes and Depeche Mode.

Two tracks are available as a free download. Fell In Love With A Girl (The White Stripes) and Drugs In My Pocket (by UK 70s punk legends The Monks) both get a fuzz-heavy dance rock treatment. Like Daniel Lanois' Black Dub have reinvented themselves as a cover band.

The New Royales are working on an album of originals, which be released in 2014.


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