December 31, 2013

Snowstar Records: free 10 Year Anniversary Compilation

Dutch indie label Snowstar Records celebrated its 10th anniversary this year with a big party @ Tivoli in their hometown Utrecht in December. Before that founder Cedric Muyres had a gift for music lovers: a compilation CD for Record Store Day (April 20) in 5.000 goodie bags. Missed out? Buy one for 5 euro. Digital is pay-what-you-want (including free).

  1. Kim Janssen - City of the dead
  2. Town of Saints - The Endless Unknown
  3. The Secret Love Parade - Street with Nothing
  4. Herrek - Sight
  5. Bart van der Lee - Blinded by Belief
  6. Lost Bear - Jack Bottleneck
  7. The Subhuman - The Great Fall
  8. LUIK - Pollen of the Plains
  9. I am Oak - Clouds Looming


HCTF reviews of Bart van der Lee - Ballads for the Heathens or Dying; I am Oak - On Claws and Town of Saints - Something To Fight With.

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