December 17, 2013

Glimpse Trio: Glimpse Trio

San Leandro band Glimpse Trio is a kind of catch-all band, hopping from one genre to the next without blinking an eye. A track like Russian Racing channels the Pixies, they go jazzy in the three part Light From Outside and the lead single Holiday is a cheerful garage rocker. Country rock? Try I Got This Thing. Blues? Work Your Brains Out does a trick, with the ghost of Alex Chilton nodding approval. Dreamy shoegaze? Take a Ride. Spoken word on top of free jazz? Just My Thoughts? Feedback heavy noise rock? Your Idea.

The band's self-titled third album could have turned into messy overcrowded jukebox, but the band have put a lot of thought into the running order. Their musical mood swings make perfect sense. It's a cornucopia of smart tunes, fun and musicianship. No sign of surf music, which would have been too obvious for a band from California.

Glimpse Trio:
Mike Sopko: guitar, vocals
Hamir Atwal: drums
Chris Lopes: bass

Glimpse Trio: Glimpse Trio

Glimpse Trio is a self-released album. Buy it from their website.

  1. First Thing
  2. Cogan
  3. Far Away
  4. Holiday
  5. Light From Outside pt. 1
  6. Light Of Lime
  7. Russian Racing
  8. I Got This Thing
  9. I Owe You
  10. Ride
  11. Light From Outside pt. 2
  12. Sunny Outside
  13. Sartorial Mind
  14. Scratch
  15. Space
  16. Work Your Brains Out
  17. Your Idea
  18. Oh Yeah
  19. Just My Thoughts
  20. Out Of Mind
  21. New Years
  22. Light From Outside pt. 3
  23. The Top
  24. Few And Far


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