November 15, 2013

Passion For Vinyl - A tribute to all who dig the groove

Music journalist and self-proclaimed vinyl fanatic Robert Haagsma has written a love letter to vinyl, interviewing collectors, shop owners and artists who share his passion. Passion For Vinyl - A tribute to all who dig the groove comes with a special single by Dutch wunderkind Jacco Gardner's Chameleon and the hard cover book is individually numbered. Haagsma:

About twenty years ago I began to write about music, for newspapers and magazines. I am currently part of the editorial team of metal magazine Aardschok and the all-round music magazine Revolver’s Lust For Life. Articles also appeared in various international publications like Record Collector and Ugly Things. I’ve written books about local and international acts like Golden Earring, Pink Floyd and The Beach Boys. Although I play the occasional CD and DVD, I still think that a vinyl record is the best sound carrier ever invented. It doesn’t matter whether it’s an audiophile pressing of a classical piece or a heavy slab of Norwegian black metal – when the needle hits the groove it never fails to captivate me.

Haagsma sat down with Henry Rollins, Bernie Grundman, Hans Pokora, Chris Ellis, Kevin Lewandowski, Steffi, Mala, Vaughan Oliver, Lee Dorrian, Jacco Gardner and John Dyer Baizley and many others share their unconditional love for vinyl. One of the chapters deals with the history of Record Industry, the Dutch factory that has been pressing vinyl since the 1950’s. With the increased popularity of vinyl, business is booming. Lots of bands skip the CD as their main physical product and go for an LP (with a download code inserted into the gatefold sleeve and sometimes a free CD as well).

Vinyl is back. Ikea's Expedits are selling like hotcakes as cheap but sturdy storage for LPs. Independent recrord stores dedicate more floor space to LPs and singles and offer turntables as well. Buyers are no longer frowned upon as freaks or Luddites. Join the club, you're not alone.


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