November 03, 2013

Chris Flew: White Notes on Minor 9ths

Melancholy reigns supreme on the new Chris Flew album White Notes on Minor 9ths. Th Glaswegian isn't really prolific - it took him three years to write and record the tracks, but he always kept his sights on his goal: creating a tapestry of songs that can stand the test of time. He possesses a gentle touch on his instrument of choice and with the cello of Peter Gregson and soft-spoken female backing vocalists he is able to summon an intimacy that big budget artists would kill for.

Stand-out track Subway Trains is the most ambitious track, but the sparse instrumentation an dtr4eatd vocals of The Empty Words We Carved With Chalk could be his ticket to wider recognition as an artist carrying on the tradition of Elliot Smith and Ron Sexmith. The instrumentals Waltz in C#m and Untitled #4 are tailor-made for inclusion on an arthouse movie soundtrack.

Chris Flew: White Notes on Minor 9ths

White Notes on Minor 9ths is released Wickerman Records. Full stream on Soundcloud.

  1. Summer Stole The Girl
  2. Hazy
  3. Stp Brkn My Hrt, Kd
  4. Waltz in C#m
  5. Subway Trains
  6. Untitled #4
  7. The Empty Words We Carved With Chalk
  8. Bird On A Wire
  9. Chinatown
  10. City Lights
  11. Treading Water

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  1. Thanks Hans! Your readers can stream the album here: and on Spotify/iTunes. Glad you enjoyed the album.