November 20, 2013

Bronze Honey: Free

Progressive metal with a healthy shot of electronics. Bronze Honey, an Israeli sextet based in Tel Aviv, have just released their ambitious debut album Free. Founded by Uri Dov (keyboards) & Polly Gutman (vocals) they took their time to find their own sound. while most band in this genre go for rather tiresome Gothic imagery this band doesn't shun taking a stand with angry songs like Casus Belli and Wheels of Capitalism.

With two dexterous guitarists and a loud drummer it is a good thing that singer Polly Gutman has a powerful voice - no shrieking vocal pyrotechnics, but with a sharp musical ear to follow the band (and vice versa). Bronze Honey are a band that defies pigeon-holing. Sure, metal is the most obvious tag, but there is also power pop (Convicted) and a bit rap found its way into Bee. The latter track captures the band's outlook on music: taking risks while singing the praise of free choice. Every loud band has a ballad this album has two of 'em. As Free as the Wind is a nice try, but fails to leave as lasting impression. Melancholy with it call-and-response vocals on top of echo heavy guitars show that can do slow too. The electro dance pop of So What sounds a bit muffled - too bad they used a filter for the vocals which sounds a bit dated.

This band is obviously talented and their mix of rock and electronics should appeal to the denim-clad crowd and the party animals. And when either of those actually bother to listen to the lyrics they might learn actually something too. A prime example of musical education and entertainment rolled into one.

Bronze Honey:
Polly Gutman: vocals
Uri Dov: keyboards, backing vocals
Uri Menachem: drums
Dimitri Alperovich: guitars
Itai Leshed: guitars
Hagai Levin: bass

Four Foot Shack

Free is a self-released album. Buy it from their website. Four tracks (Lies, Convicted, Promise and Bee) can be downloaded for free from their Facebook.

  1. Lies
  2. Convicted
  3. Promise
  4. Bee
  5. As Free as the Wind
  6. Casus Belli
  7. Fiend
  8. Butterfly
  9. So What
  10. Revanche
  11. Melancholy
  12. Wheels of Capitalism
  13. Casus Belli (acoustic version)

Live date:
  • 11/23 Papaito TLV, Tel Aviv

» Bronze Honey on Facebook


  1. I highly recommend this album to anyone! It is a fresh new take and you are without question right about the risks they take and yet still succeed with glorious colors!

  2. Superb album! I especially like both versions of Casus Belli - listen to them one after the other for a full effect!