October 19, 2013

Felix van Cleeff: The Crimson Sea

Dutch singer and film maker Felix van Cleeff gets in trouble with his own songs. His vocal range is rather limited, and he can't reach the high notes. Or the low notes for that matter. Everything was fine when he came up with the video for Babylon, the lead single from his new album The Crimson Sea, a song that isn't much of a challenge for his voice.

His lyrics are really good, and the orchestration (kudos for the strings and bass) isn't bad either. But please: find someone can actually sing. Telling great stories with a twist requires a voice like Jonathan Spottiswoode, Nick Cave or Richard Thompson.

Felix van Cleeff: The Crimson Sea

The Crimson Sea is a self-released album. Buy it from his website. Release date: October 21st.

  1. Borders of Your Mind
  2. Babylon
  3. Beautiful Stranger
  4. Into the Light
  5. Sometimes a Man (Home)
  6. The Crimson Sea
  7. When My Time Has Come
  8. Not Crazy Enough
  9. Fireflies

Live date:
  • 10/20 Pianos, New York, NY

» felixvancleeff.com

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