October 03, 2013

Bart van der Lee: Ballads for the Heathens or Dying

Singer-songwriter Bart van der Lee sings about fear and not wanting to be alone. His songs always contain shimmer of hope though. No matter how raw and rough he may sound, he wants to be freed from his inner demons. A bit of Nick Cave and a bit of Iggy found their way to this Dutch singer and visual artist who uses his songs as a canvas, adding dabs of musical colour by way of saxophone and violin. A rough diamond that should never be cut.

Bram van der Lee: Ballads for the Heathens or Dying

Ballads for the Heathens or Dying is released through Snowstar Records. Release date: October 4th.

  1. A Mother's Song
  2. Drown In These Arms
  3. In The Woods Upon A Hill
  4. Lament
  5. Please Watch Over Me
  6. Reign In My Heart
  7. She Was Like The Sunlight
  8. Waste Of Life

Live dates:
  • 10/10 Utrecht @ Tivoli Spiegelbar (album release show)
  • 10/12 Volkel-Uden @ Festyland 2013
  • 11/01 Dordrecht @ Bibelot
  • 11/03 Amsterdam @ Paradiso Bovenzaal
  • 11/06 Deventer @ Burgerweeshuis Cafe
  • 11/14 Den Haag @ Paard Cafe
  • 11/15 Apeldoorn @ Gigant
  • 11/17 Breda @ Mezz Cafe

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