September 02, 2013

The Locals: Stereostatic Funicular

Chicago indie rock trio The Locals never give up. They have been in the music business for two decades, performing up beat rock songs about halfway PJ Harvey and The Shirts. Their new EP Stereostatic Funicular takes its name from a measuring device created by fabled Catalan architect Antoni Gaudi which he used when he designed the Sagarde Familia, and the trams that climb the hills in Barcelona. It's an apt title for a well balanced quintet of songs. Lead singer and guitar player Yvonne Doll takes the musical risks, dropping in and out of the rock solid back beat provide by Christy Nunes (bass) and drummer Tommy Oerding.

Pretty basic stuff as a whole musically, but their lyics run deep with unexpected poetic twists. Not that many bands write a song like Inventio about a ménage à trois with the Ocean, The Moon and the Sun as consenting participants.

The Locals: Stereostatic Funicular

The Locals:
Yvonne Doll: vocals, guitar
Christy Nunes: bass
Tommy Oerding: drums

Stereostatic Funicular is a self-released EP.

  1. Running Toward The Sound
  2. 3" From The Floor
  3. Inventio
  4. Commerce
  5. Bellissimo

Live dates:
  • 09/21 Club Garibaldi's, Milwaukee, WI
  • 09/27 Dee-Lite Bar & Grill, Grand Haven, MN
  • 09/28 Midpoint Music Festival, OH


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