November 22, 2007

Over The Rhine: Snow Angels

Over The Rhine: Snow Angels

Christmas is coming and tons of really shitty music will be released in its honor. Thank god for Over The Rhine. The Ohio duo give its 2006 fans only album Snow Angels a proper release this year.

The songs are sweet and strong, eleven originals that will cure your shopping mall induced muzak headache without any trouble.

  1. All I Ever Get For Christmas Is Blue
  2. Darlin' (Christmas Is Coming)
  3. White Horse
  4. Little Town
  5. New Redemption Song
  6. Goodbye Charles
  7. Snowed In With You
  8. North Pole Man
  9. Here It Is
  10. One Olive Jingle
  11. Snow Angel
  12. We're Gonna Pull Through

Buy Snow Angels at their website.


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