February 15, 2011

The 4onthefloor: 4x4

Minneapolis quartet The 4onthefloor are in love with number 4. They use four bass drums for their stomping blues rock songs, all in 4/4 time, and named their debut album 4x4 for a grand total of 16 songs (4²)

Definitely dark in outlook, but catchy as hell they play R&B the old way. Not the slow smooth modern variety, but the dirty gut wrenching Deltas Blues kind, with howling harp and hoarse vocals on top of the bass and screaming guitars. 4x4 will appeal to fans of The Black Keys, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Nick Cave and the North Mississippi Allstars.

This an album to play loud with your friends, sharing a few six packs or more serious liquor, discussing the lyrics of On Tuesdays and the superior cover of M. Ward's Magic Trick. It's OK to sing along with You Don't Get Lost or stamp your feet during Cashillac.

The 4onthefloor:
Bass Drum 1: Gabriel Douglas
Bass Drum 2: James Gould
Bass Drum 3: Chris Holm
Bass Drum 4: Mark Larson

The 4onthefloor: 4x4

4x4 is a self-released album. Release date: April 4 (vinyl)

  1. Exile
  2. Lionhearted
  3. Workin' Man Zombie
  4. Junkie
  5. First On A List of Things I Don't Need
  6. Wait
  7. Magic Trick
  8. You Don't Forget Lost
  9. Irish Tune
  10. On Tuesdays
  11. Undertow
  12. Bricklayer
  13. Darkness
  14. Not Tonight
  15. Cashillac
  16. For Pa / (For Ma)
Live dates:
  • 2/18 Dresser, WI @ Trollhaugen
  • 2/20 Minneapolis, MN @ Fulton Brewery
  • 2/25 St. Paul, MN @ Turf Club (w/ Drunk Drivers & Rockford Mules)

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