June 21, 2013

Gastric Band: Party Feel

Scottish quintet Gastric Band love to get weird and fuck things up with their post-prog avant-garde free jazz experiments. Their debut album Party Feel sounds like someone spiked the drinks a a King Crimson meets Can meets Mike Oldfield jam session. A lot of avant-garde is pretty self-righteous, but these guys just go out there and play. When one of them wanders off, the other have to follow and try something else to get the upper hand.

It could have turned out to be a bunch of unbearable crap - and mainstream music lovers will hate it for sure, but this an album that gets better after each listen. There's method in their madness and although will kill most parties within two minutes the Gastric Band is here to kick the prog scene in the nuts. And it was about time that someone did.

Gastric Band:
Ricki Thompson: drums
Ross MacPherson: drums
Cameron Cullen guitar, samples, keyboards, loops
Jack Weir: guitar
Bruce Wallace: guitar, synths, loops

Party Feel is released thru Armellodie.

  1. It's Good but it's not Right
  2. Dustin Binman
  3. Brad Shitt
  4. Sexy Grandad
  5. Under a Glass Table

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