June 04, 2013

Fringe Class: Fringe Class Forever EP

Portland, OR synth rockers Fringe Class are a mix of Eighties New Wave with a dash of 21st Century dance music. Their debut EP with the ambitious title Fringe Class Forever is a collection of three upbeat songs and a slow one. The latter, Tidal Waves, relies on a thumping bass and tons of echo on the vocals of lead singer Madeline Goldstein. The lead single Goldmines is pushed forward by the synthesizers - think Depeche Mode meeting The Asteroids Galaxy Tour.

They are young and hungry and their enthousiasm is contagious. A breath of fresh air in the current synth niche.

Fringe Class:
Patrick Berry: synths, samples, drums
Sam Gerendasy: drums, synths, vocals
Brad Russell: bass, vocals
Madeline Goldstein: lead vocals, synths

Fringe Class Forever EP

Fringe Class Forever EP is a self-released EP. Release date: June 25th.

  1. Flower Pigeon
  2. Goldmines
  3. Tidal Waves
  4. Fringe Class Forever

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