June 03, 2013

Frank Zappa: "A Token Of His Extreme" on DVD

A Token Of His Extreme finally comes to DVD. Frank Zappa created the show for TV, filming a live performance of his band on August 27, 1974 at KCET in Hollywood, CA. Heavily bootlegged since then, but it took forever for the Zappa Family Trust to allow an official release. The line-up exists of the band Frank Zappa: guitar, percussion, vocals; George Duke: keyboards, finger cymbals, tambourine, vocals; Napoleon Murphy Brock: sax, vocals; Ruth Underwood: percussion; Tom Fowler: bass; Chester Thompson: drums.

  1. The Dog Breath Variations/ Uncle Meat
  2. Montana
  3. Earl Of Duke (George Duke)
  4. Florentine Pogen
  5. Stink-Foot
  6. Pygmy Twylyte
  7. Room Service
  8. Inca Roads
  9. Oh No
  10. Son Of Orange County
  11. More Trouble Every Day
  12. A Token Of My Extreme

Frank Zappa about this project on the Mike Douglas Show, 1976:

This was put together with my own money and my own time and it's been offered to television networks and to syndication and it has been steadfastly rejected by the American television industry. It has been shown in primetime in France and Switzerland, with marvelous results. It's probably one of the finest pieces of video work that any human being has ever done. I did it myself. And the animation that you're gonna see in this was done by a guy named Bruce Bickford, and I hope he is watching the show, because it's probably the first time that a lot of people in America got a chance to see it.

A Token Of His Extreme will be released through Eagle Rock.

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