January 14, 2011

Amanda Palmer: Amanda Palmer Goes Down Under

Amanda Palmer
photo: Kyle Cassidy

Amanda Palmer, the queen of punk cabaret, has a weak spot for Australia and New Zealand. To coincide with her upcoming tour she is relseasing a new album, Amanda Palmer Goes Down Under. Most of the tracks have been recorded live down there during previous tours.

Palmer is a collaborator, joining forces with like minded musicians all over the globe. Melbourne duo The Jane Austen Argument is invited to play theri song Bad Wine and Lemon Cake and Mikelangelo handles the vocals on A Formidable Marinade. But Palmer truly comes into her own when she is in the spotlights all by herself, performing a quickly national anthem of sorts on ukulele (New Zealand), a slow song on piano (On An Unknown Beach), an entertaining love song about Australia (with a nod to The Beatles' She's Leaving Home or a respectful Nick Cave cover (The Ship Song).

Amanda Palmer is first and foremost a performer, who doesn't give a fuck about airplay. The album's single Map of Tasmania (about pubic hair) takes the piss out of needing a hit. She has build an audience through word-of-mouth and smart use social media.

Amanda Palmer Goes Down Under

Physical release of "Amanda Palmer Goes Down Under"

Amanda Palmer Goes Down Under will be available as a physical release exclusively for her Down Under fan through Liberator. The rest of the world will be served with a digital version. Release date: January 21.

  1. Makin' Whoopee
  2. Australia
  3. Vegemite (the black death)
  4. Map of Tasmania (featuring The Young Punx)
  5. In My Mind
  6. Bad Wine and Lemon Cake (featuring The Jane Austen Arguement)
  7. New Zealand
  8. On An Unknown Beach
  9. We're Happy Little Vegemites
  10. Doctor OZ
  11. A Formidable Marinade (sung by Mikelangelo)
  12. The Ship Song

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