May 22, 2013

Cover Me: Runaway

Watch Dutch indie band Orlando tackle Runaway by The National:

In 2010 (Orlando lead singer) Tessa (Douwstra) watched The National play live in Utrecht, The Netherlands. During a song singer Matt Berninger jumped off stage and walked, while singing, holdings his mic stand and keeping his eyes closed, straight through the crowd. He stopped right in front of Tessa and she could hear him sing not only through the PA but also directly since he was standing so close. He never opened his eyes so he will not remember standing right there, but Tessa does. High Violet is probably one of her favorite albums of the last couple of years.

Live dates:
  • 05/26 Fries Straatfestival, Leeuwarden
  • 06/01 ZOOmeravonden @ Artis, Amsterdam
  • 06/14 Oerol, Terschelling
  • 06/15 Oerol, Terschelling
  • 06/17 Ziggo Live, naast de Ziggo Dome, Amsterdam
  • 06/21 Brugfeest, Huizen
  • 07/06 De Beschaving, Utrecht
  • 07/14 Valkhof Festival, Nijmegen


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