May 13, 2013

Black Sugar Transmission: The Glamour Pantomime

Brooklyn based singer and guitarist Andee Blacksugar is the missing link between early Roxy Music, Talking Heads and Prince, a versatile player who hands out the goodies from his impressive bag of six string tricks one at the time. Funky electro dance art rock with a glam twist, its all there an more on his new album The Glamour Pantomime by his band Black Sugar Transmission.

Singing about the darker side of big city night life, listening to this album is like touching base with all the hot spots of the NYC underground. Sleazy and dirty with plenty of fuzz and describing for the cocaine fueled all night rave Andee Blacksugar is your guide to the places that will never make it to a 6-page spread in a travel glossy. Yes, he uses some gizmos for his vocals, not unlike the ones that Bowie preferred, but no the dreaded one that is all the rage right now. "Just say to no autotune". That, and a pat on the back by Vernon Reid, should convince anybody who is looking for an album that the Purple One has been failing to deliver for decade or so.

Black Sugar Transmission:
Andee Blacksugar: instruments, vocals, programming
Timo Ellis: live drum parts on "Loud Girls on the L Train" and "Careful Where You Step"
Leon Gruenbaum: Samchillian Tip Tip Tip CheeePeeeee (right speaker) during the guitar/synth duel in "Synthesizer License"
Jimmy Lopez: voodoo percussion and theremin on "Scandal In Apt #3" and "This Is Art"
Matt Farley: live drums on "Synthesizer License"
Dave Smith: fretless bass on "This Is Art"
Alexcalibur, Timo Ellis, Keeta Speed, D.A. Karkos, Shane Smith and Victoria Lesiw: additional outro vocals on "Galaxies of Neon"

Black Sugar Transmission: The Glamour Pantomime

The Glamour Pantomime is a self-released album. Buy it from his website.

  1. Obedience
  2. Loud Girls on the L Train
  3. Synthesizer License
  4. Hiding in Public Spaces
  5. Love Is Theatre
  6. This Is Art
  7. Favorite Threat
  8. Scandal In Apt #3
  9. Careful Where You Step
  10. Into Mortal Drains
  11. Galaxies of Neon

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