April 26, 2013

Zookeeper's Palace: Red Sky Ruminations

Zookeeper's Palace
photo: Lyndsey Vlaicu

LA based progressive polyrhythmic band Zookeeper's Palace are an ambitious lot. The sextet touches base with space-rock, funk and jam-electronica. Their debut full-length Red Sky Ruminations will be embraced by jam band lovers and dance ravers. Think King Crimson crossing over the summer festival circuit and upstaging the Disco Biscuits.

With a tribal beat and stream-of-consciousness lyrics they bring back the heyday of funky cosmic rock. With their skills they shouldn't have any trouble stretching tracks on stage, building on the hard rock vibe Perfect Picture or the ominous keyboards in Moments Like These.

Zookeeper's Palace:
Matt Fonda: vocals, percussion
Candice Harris: drums, percussion
Matt Luker: keyboards, vocals
Mike Bear: bass, vocals
L-Boogie: percussion, vocals
Zack McNair: guitar, vocals

Zookeeper's Palace: Red Sky Ruminations

Red Sky Ruminations is a self-released album. Buy it from the band's website.

  1. A Red Sky in Mourning
  2. Grounded by the Air
  3. Burn Together, Burn Forever
  4. K(No)w Corrosion
  5. Stop Signs
  6. Perfect Picture
  7. Nothing Left to Gain
  8. Moments Like These
  9. Final Heart Attack
  10. Leaving You Lying Here
  11. A Red Sky at Night
  12. Bound to Dust

Live dates:
  • 05/12 Pasadena, CA @ Old Towne Pub
  • 05/25 Los Angeles, CA @ Molly Malone's

» zookeeperspalace.com

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