April 12, 2013

The Bristles: Bigger Than Punk

The Bristles
photo: Thomas H Johnsson

Before punk became a fashion item, there was anger. Real anger. Swedish quartet The Bristles was part of the movement in the early Eighties and shortly reformed in 1996 and 2008. Now they are back with their second full-length Bigger Than Punk and they haven't slowed down - far from it. Still dreaming of a revolution and getting mad at racists, male chauvinist pigs, domestic violence, capitalism in general and of course the good ol' USA, they thunder through 11 songs in little over half an hour.

It will the scare the shit out of Green Day fans, but if you are into the Dead Kennedys, Black Flag and The Exploited, you can't help but like these men a lot. Punk is not dead - it's alive and well in Landskrona, Sweden.

The Bristles: Bigger Than Punk Rock

Bigger Than Punk is released by a cooperation between Switchlight Records, Turist i Tillvaron, Noise of Sweden and Heptown Records.

  1. Gulag
  2. Bigger Than Punk Rock
  3. The Great wall of Europe
  4. The American Dream
  5. In The Closet
  6. Home Is Where The Danger Is (home sweet home)
  7. Holidays in Thailand
  8. Revolution Of The rich
  9. A Woman's Work is Never Done
  10. Spirit Way

Live dates:
  • 04/18 AK44 (w/ La Flingue), Giessen, Germany
  • 04/19 Halle am Rhein (w/ KSM40, Social Sukas), Köln, Germany
  • 04/20 Tommy Weisbecker Haus (w/ Dört Birds, Guideline T.A.), Berlin, Germany
  • 07/12-13 Punk Cooperative Festival, Bromölla, Sweden
  • 07/26-28 Force Attack Festival, outside Rostock, Germany
  • 08/02-03 Hygget Festival, Sweden

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