April 29, 2013

Safe Haven: Sermon For No One

Fiddle? Check. Pedal steel? Check. Honky-tonk piano? Check. Songs about stealing and booze? Check. Safe Haven, a duo based in the Windy City, keep alight the spirit old school blues and bluegrass. And while they are at it, they throw in a bit of Southern rock as well.

Lead guitarist and singer Patrick Lyons and drummer Tony Labor have been at it for a decade or so, playing with friends and guests to fill out their sound in the studio and on stage. Their second full-length Sermon For No One celebrates roots music in its various guises captured in seven originals penned by Lyons, and two traditionals. This is an album that goes well with hard liquor and long rambling conversations with good friends and total strangers alike.

Safe Haven: Sermon For No One

Sermon For No One is a self-released album. Buy it from the band's website. CD available through CD Baby.

  1. So Long (The Hercamo Flash Story)
  2. I Steal
  3. Colorado Moon
  4. Leave Me Where I Want to Be
  5. Suburban Weekend
  6. Never Change
  7. Going to Germany
  8. What Are They Doing in Heaven Today?
  9. Eternal Farm

Live dates:
  • 05/04 Navy Pier, Chicago, IL
  • 05/10 The House Pub, St. Charles, IL
  • 05/18 The Carraig, St Oak Forest, IL

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