April 25, 2013

Johnny Dowd: new album "Do the Gargon" 08/05

The new Johnny Dowd album Do the Gargon will be released on August 5 on his own label, Mother Jinx Records. Cadiz will distribute in Europe. As to why the album is named as such, Johnny offers this by way of explanation:

DO THE GARGON is one bootyful record. No fluff, all muff. Not looking to the future, not thinking about the past. This is a band for real—pumping out some fat grooves. Seriously, I dig this record. It captures the energy of a live performance. Hats off to the band, Mike Stark and Willie B.

I know the question on everybody’s mind is, ‘Who the hell is Gargon?’ All I can say is: look around, look in the mirror, look at me. He is the beast within who got his feelings hurt (boo hoo), he is the boy left at a filling in the great state of Nebraska in 1953. He says ‘rock and roll will never die,’ and he is a pretty good dancer. That’s why mother married him.

This record is not being released. It’s being UNLEASHED August 5, in the year of our lord, 2013.

The master of junkyard Americana will on the road in Europe in September. For now a date in The Netherlands is the only confirmed show.

Live date:

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