April 08, 2013

God Tiny: "Fearless" single, "Nomadic Creator" EP

Psychedelic blues rockers God Tiny are back with a new single. Fearless is rough-around-the-edges and basically a demo of what's to come. The Brooklyn band released an album in 2010 (The Angel Headed Outsiders) and toured extensively behind it before going into hibernation. They did record a bit in between then and now and four of those tracks ended up on the Nomadic Creator EP.

They have thrown in blues and a bit of soul into their music. Quite a few start out as a sad love song before diving into explorative jamming: finding a root note or a riff and build upon it. With their sci-fi keyboards interpolating with distorted guitars and lonely-as-fuck vocals, they won't make friends on the dance floor, but it makes great late-night listening in the comfort of your own home.

God Tiny:
Jeremy Kolker: vocals, guitar, keyboards
Chadbourne Oliver: keyboards, vocals, percussion
Benjamin Lomei: bass, vocals
Jordan Smith: guitar
Peter Spengeman: guitar
Daniel Sweeney: drums

The Fearless single and the Nomadic Creator EP are self-released. Buy them (pay-what-you-want) from the band's website.

Tracks "Nomadic Creator":
  1. Holyman
  2. I Feel Like Dust
  3. She's an Angel Headed Outsider
  4. The Heart Above All Things Blues

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