March 25, 2013

TV Buddhas: Band In The Modern World

Garage rock against all odds. That's Berlin based Israeli trio TV Buddhas. A disastrous trip to the USA, where they ran into all rock cliches of shady promoters and cancelled shows and an extensive tour last year got shelved when they were forced to return to Israel to take care of urgent family matters. Now they have picked themselves up again and are ready to continue their never ending tour (they managed 200 live shows per annum in the past).

The promotion for their latest EP Band In The Modern World, produced by Steve Fisk (Beat Happening, Nirvana), fell by the wayside last year when tragedy struck. It's a nice introduction to the band's ferocious blend of fuzz heavy lo-fi rock. Think a mix of the Ramones, Mudhoney, the MC5 and the Replacements. All in the red, lots of leakage, and full of life and anger.

TV Buddhas:
Juval Haring: guitar, vocals
Mickey Triest: drums
Uri Triest: guitar

Live dates:
  • 05/09 Pilot, Prague, Czech Republic
  • 05/10 Kino Ebensee, Ebensee, Austria
  • 05/11 Stadtwerkstat, Linz, Austria
  • 05/12 Arena, Vienna, Austria
  • 05/13 TBC, Austria
  • 05/14 TBC, Lyon, France
  • 05/15 TBC, Liege Belgium
  • 05/16 Espace B, Paris, France
  • 05/17 Cairo, Wurzburg, Germany
  • 05/18 White Trash, Berlin, Germany


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