March 22, 2013

PEP: My Baby and Me

PEP updates Fifties doowop. Brooklynites Karys Rhea, Morgan Lynch and Ilana Webber have come up with My Baby and Me, a 4-track EP that spells SUMMER in large friendly letters. And yes, all songs deal with girl-meets-boy or vice versa.

A bit of nostalgia for the oldsters and introduction for the youth who will be - hopefully - enticed to check out the originals. Great vocal harmonies that deserve to come blaring out of the speakers from your car stereo, preferably with the top down.

PEP: My Baby and Me

The full EP will be released on June 1st. The title track is currently available as a pay-what-you-want single from Bandcamp. Grab I Met A Boy from Soundcloud.

  1. My Baby and Me
  2. Stephen
  3. I Met A Boy
  4. Be That Girl


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