March 05, 2013

Kelli Rae Powell: Live at Jalopy

Brooklyn singer-songwriter Kelli Rae Powell picked the humble ukulele as her weapon of choice. She quickly became part of the underground cabaret scene of the Big Apple and released two studio albums. Her latest release is Live at Jalopy, playing hers songs before an in-the-know audience. Produced by fellow singer-songwriter Terry Radigan and supported by a kick-ass trio the album serves as an introduction to her strongest songs.

Her main themes are love and heartbreak, switching between gentle Sweet Dorina and provocative (Give Me A Man). Straddling the fence between folk and jazz Powell sounds like a mash-up of Dolly Parton and Amanda Palmer. Live at Jalopy is a front row seat at a memorable show.

Kelli Rae Powell: vocals, ukulele
Jim McNamara: upright bass
Shaky Dave Pollack: harmonica
Joe Brent: mandolin, violin
Matthew Brookshire: guest vocals on Selfish As Fire

Kelly Rae Powell: Live at Jalopy

Live at Jalopy is available for purchase thru iTunes.

  1. Introduction
  2. Summertime
  3. Grace
  4. Sweet Dorina
  5. Give Me A Man
  6. Selfish As Fire
  7. December
  8. The Flood
  9. Piece Of You
  10. The Cowboy Song
  11. Bury Me In Iowa City
  12. Grateful
  13. Sleeper Train
  14. Don't Slow Down, Zachary
  15. Some Bridges Are Good To Burn


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