March 19, 2013

fairweatherfriend: "You And I" b/w "Fairweather Friend

Ryan Sunderman, Kevin Unwin, Tom Romeo, Sean Hunter are fairweatherfriend, a shoegaze quartet from Tucson, AZ. Their debut single You And I b/w Fairweather Friend is their business card on biking red vinyl, two gentle songs that will appeal to fans of The Smiths, My Bloody Valentine and The Dears.

You And I is a 101 of using echo, with the vocals riding on top, catching new waves of guitar and drums as the emerge Fairweather Friend contains delicate guitar interplay and the call-and-response of the singers is executed with pin precision. Dreampop can turn into navel–gazing self-indulgence of the musicians involved, with the listener left out on his own devices, but fairweatherfriend leaves plenty of room to get into the act of their art.

You And b/w Fairweather Friend is released by Fort Lowell Records on 7 inch biking red vinyl, limited to 500 hand-numbered copies. Comes with a digital download card. MP3s are mastered for digital playback. Vinyl challenged? Look for it at the usual digital outlets. Release date: March 26.

Live date:
  • 05/17 in Tucson, AZ @ Solar Culture (w/ LaCerca, Andrew Collberg, Tracy Shedd, and Saint Maybe

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