February 17, 2013

Trip to Dover: Vegas & Berlin

Olga and Johannes Taal are Trip to Dover, a Dutch electronic rock duo whose tastes are meeting halfway: hard rock and Eighties synth pop. They name the Foo Figthers and Moby as their influences, a heady mix that brings back the heyday of bands like Propaganda and Roxette. Olga has a voice to match the sound of her Gibson guitar, while Johannes plays up a storm on keyboards.

They are first and foremost a live band (with an added bass player and drummer), playing shows in the UK, the USA and Germany before setting their sights on their native country. The 5-track EP Vegas & Berlin is now finally released in The Netherlands. Energetic power rock that should take them to bigger venues in the near future.

Trip to Dover: Vegas & Berlin

Vegas & Berlin is a self-released EP. Buy it from the band's website.

  1. Where was I
  2. Be Juliet
  3. Bitter or Better
  4. The Wait
  5. Teleidoscope

Live dates:
  • 03/09 JAM, Moringen, Germany
  • 05/08 Road to GraauwRock 2013, Graauw, The Netherlands
  • 05/10 The South Sea, Sheffield, UK
  • 05/11 The Cockpit, Leeds, UK
  • 05/12 Vintage Rock Bar, Doncaster, UK
  • 05/13 The Retro Bar, Manchester, UK
  • 05/16 Bar 12, Baildon, UK
  • 05/17 TexMex, Spijkenisse, The Netherlands
  • 06/15 Slezka Lilie Festival, Ostrava, Czech Republic

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