February 28, 2013

The Good The Bad: From 034 To 050

The Good The Bad are a neo-surf instrumental trio from Copenhagen who don't use titles for their songs, but numbers instead. From 034 To 050 is the final chapter of a trilogy. As well-versed multi-instrumentalists they use the limitations of their genre as a challenge, throwing in a bit of Western movie soundtrack (48), Pixies bravado (34), and make a fuzz in 41.

Danish dynamite exploding from the speakers. Wayne Kramer of the MC5 loves them too, and he knows a bit about playing up a storm. Turn it up. And turn it up some more.

The Good The Bad: From 034 To 050

From 034 To 050 is a self-released album. Buy it from the band's website.

The Good The Bad:
Adam Olsson: lead guitar, bass, organ, piano
Johan Lei Gellett: drums
Manoj Ramdas: organ, piano, synth, bells

After a succesfull show at Euroosonic in Groningen, they've been invited back to The Netherlands for four more shows.

Live dates:
  • 03/01 Pacific Parc, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • 03/02 Nordic Delight Festival, Utrecht, The Netherlands
  • 04/29 Life I Live Festival, Den Haag, The Netherlands
  • 04/30 Koninginnedag Festival, Eindhoven
  • 05/03-04 Spot Festival 2013, Copenhagen, Denmark
  • 06/25 Peace And Love Festival 2013, Borlänge, Sweden

» thegood-thebad.com

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