February 13, 2013

Keller Williams: Keys

Keller Williams has released a Grateful Dead covers album. Keys contains ten interpretations on piano, bearing his signature musical touch: lighthearted and laid-back. Best known as a guitarist the album showcases his much rarer outings on the piano. The bare bones approach that brings out the lyrics of the legendary American jam band could turned it into lounge rat bar piano fodder, but Williams carefully avoids of the pitfalls. He is a fan and treats the songs with respect.

Keys is released on Sci Fidelity Records. Buy it from iTunes. 100% of the proceeds will go to benefit the Rex Foundation, a grassroots charity fund founded by the Grateful Dead.

  1. He's Gone
  2. Can't Come Down
  3. Terrapin Station
  4. Attics Of My Life
  5. Althea
  6. Brokedown Palace
  7. Wharf Rat
  8. Bird Song
  9. Row Jimmy
  10. Touch of Grey

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