January 03, 2013

The Lone Bellow: The Lone Bellow

Zach Williams, Kanene Pipkin and Brian Elmquist are The Lone Bellow, a Brooklyn based old school country folk trio. Their self-titled debut album was recorded in three days after a successful Kickstarter campaign had garnered $ 25,000 to cover the costs.

The eleven originals sound like they were penned many moons ago. The subject matter of the album - love lost and other relationship - is timeless. They have found new ways to use the old words, often using three-part harmonies to sing them, with a wide variety of acoustic instruments backing them up, The Lone Bellow go for the grandiose in a subdued manner- a wall of sound disguised as a white garden fence.

The Lone Bellow: The Lone Bellow

The Lone Bellow is released on Descendant Records. Fingers crossed for a vinyl version in a gatefold sleeve. Release date: January 22.

  1. Green Eyes And A Heart of Gold
  2. Tree To Grow
  3. Two Sides of Lonely
  4. You Never Need Nobody
  5. You Can Be All Kinds of Emotional
  6. You Dont Love Me Like You Used To
  7. Fire Red Horse
  8. Bleeding Out
  9. Looking For You
  10. Teach Me To Know
  11. The One You Should've Let Go

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