January 24, 2013

Saint Maybe: Things As They Are

Quick, name an album that mentions Charles Baudelaire's Fleur du Mal not just once, but twice in the lyrics. Bonus point for those who can add another fabled 19th century writer. Give up? It's on Things As They Are the new full-length by Saint Maybe, a psychedelic pop band based in Tucson, AZ. The core is a trio: Oliver Ray, Chris Sauer and Winston Watson, musicians with an impressive resume. Ray is best known for his work with Patti Smith, Watson performed with Bob Dylan, Warren Zevon, Robyn Hitchcock, Alice Cooper, and Sauer’s was an essential part to the sound of Hollywood Knights, The Mod Squad, and Amy Rude.

They go for longish songs - three of tracks break the 7 minutes mark. It's an old fashioned approach to AM radio rock. Craftsmanship wrapped in ballsy melodies. Remember the middle eight? It's almost a lost art nowadays, but they have brushed off the dust and come up with catchy changes of page. More? Twin guitars, false endings, syncopation, jaw dropping slide work and even bit raga rock topped of with a reggae. Eight songs and not a single filler note. Hats off for these guys. Oh, the other writer is Joseph Conrad, with his best known work Heart of Darkness.

Saint Maybe:
Oliver Ray: guitar, vocals
Chris Sauer: drums, vocals
Winston Watson:: guitar, vocals

Saint Maybe: Things As They Are

Things As They Are is released by Fort Lowell Records on 12 inch tinted black and grey vinyl, limited to 500 copies. Comes with a digital download card. MP3s are mastered for digital playback. Vinyl challenged? Look for it at the usual digital outlets.

  1. Everything At Once (And More)
  2. Houses For Ghosts
  3. Delicate Prey
  4. She's Alright
  1. Way With Words
  2. Everything That Rises
  3. Take It Easy (But Take It)
  4. Things As They Are

Live dates:
  • 02/12 Phoenix, AZ @ Crescent Ballroom w/ Blind Divine and Some of Them Are Old
  • 02/25 Portland, OR @ Star Bar (w/ DON'T)
  • 02/26 Portland, OR @ Crystal Ballroom (opening for Patti Smith and Her Band)
  • 02/27 Seattle, WA @ Neptune Theatre (opening for Patti Smith and Her Band)
  • 02/28 Seattle, WA @ Blue Moon (w/ Gabe Mintz)
  • 03/04 Nevada City, NV @ TBA
  • 03/09 Los Angeles, CA @ Redwood Bar and Grill (w/ Kind Hearts and Coronets)
  • 03/11 Phoenix, AZ @ Sail Inn (w/ the Low Hums and Greyhound Soul)
  • 03/16 Tucson, AZ @ Topaz (w/ the Low Hums)
  • 03/23 Jerome, AZ @ the Spirit Room

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