January 11, 2013

Dead Wolf Club: "Strange Letters" b/w "A Versus E"

Alwin, John, Martha and Serra are Dead Wolf Club, a dark punk band based in Tintagel, Scotland. Their new single Strange Letters b/w A Versus E will be released on January 14. Following the footsteps of noise gurus like The Jesus and Mary Chain their songs aim for the gut, with a boomy bass reigning supreme.

Strange Letters is based on the concept of the Torah - every letter of every word is a word in itself. Rest assured if you are not familiar with Rabbinic tradition - it's far more accessible than the highbrow aesthetics of the lyrics could led you to believe. A Versus E is about Armageddon vs a modern day scientist, the Electrician. Dead Wolf Club proof that you can do dark songs about religion, without trying to convert the listener.

Strange Letters b/w A Versus E is released as a very limited (100 copies) vinyl single on Scene Not Herd. Strange Letters can downloaded for free from Soundcloud.

Live dates:
  • 02/08 Isle of Man @ Douglas Villa Marina
  • 02/09 Liverpool @ Shipping Forecast
  • 02/11 Leicester @ Scholar Bar
  • 02/12 Manchester @ Live Lounge
  • 02/13 Glasgow @ Bar Bloc
  • 02/14 Chester @ Compass
  • 02/15 London @ Sebright Arms
  • 02/16 Guilford @ Boiler Rooms

The band's second full-length, RAR, will be released later this year.

» deadwolfclub.com

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