January 29, 2013

Cuddly Shark: The Road To Ugly

Glasgow trio Cuddly Shark are exactly that: lovable with fangs. The Road To Ugly is an upbeat album, utterly danceable and punch-you-in-the-face lyrics. They sing about weight issues (Body Mass Index), have some sound advice about self-esteem (Overpriced), and sharp-tongued adversaries (Trigger Happy). They can let rip like the Pixies used to do in high energy songs Pull The Finger Out and My iPod Made Me Do It.

With the acoustic put-down song The Devil In You and the lament Local Hero the trio shows off their softer musical side, but as a whole The Road To Ugly has a fist-pumping anthemic vibe. Good times from Glasgow, even when times are bad.

Cuddly Shark:
Ruth Forsyth: bass
Colin Reid: guitar, vocals
Jason Sinclair: drums

Cuddly Shark: The Road To Ugly

The Road To Ugly is released thru Armellodie.

  1. SPMG
  2. Overpriced
  3. Broken Arm
  4. Fiddley Dee
  5. Body Mass Index
  6. Doodebug
  7. My iPod Made Me Do It
  8. Trigger Happy
  9. Pull The Finger Out
  10. The Devil In You
  11. Out of Sight Out of Mind
  12. Local Hero

Live dates:
  • 02/16 Elgin, Moray
  • 02/22 The Tunnels Aberdeen, Aberdeen

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