December 13, 2012

Queued Up: S/T EP

Portland, OR quartet Queued Up name The Who, Thin Lizzy and The Hives as sources of inspiration for their songs. With a nod to the legendary Marquee poster for The Who: maximum power pop.

And that's exactly what they provide during the four songs on their S/T EP. They throw in radio friendly hooks and riffs, all gift wrapped in a Sixties stereo mix. With two guitarists chasing each other around the block , it's up to the rhythm section to lay down a rock solid back beat. Sure, it's all been done before, but these guys are here to entertain - not to go down in history as musical innovators. Buy them a beer when you catch them live. They deserve it.

Queued Up:
Todd Summers: guitar left, vocals
Brendan Gill: bass, lead vocals
Brett Hinton: drums, vocals
Jack Saturn: guitar right, vocals

S/T EP is a self-released album. Download it for free from the band's website.

  1. Wringin' Wet
  2. Nine December
  3. Coat Check
  4. Misadventure

Live dates:
  • 12/15 Slabtown, Portland, OR
  • 01/12 Ash Street Saloon, Portland, OR
  • 01/27 Slabtown, Portland, OR


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