December 16, 2012

Gareth Evans: Learn to Play Guitar

A rather good book about mastering the six string: Learn to Play Guitar by Gareth Evans discusses all the basics and is aimed at beginners and intermediate players. The author pays attention to detail, describing the lay-out of the instrument, the various methods of musical notation, basic chords, tuning and replacing the strings (a must before you hit the big time and have a pet guitar tech taking care of that).

It is a good mix of musical theory and hands-on training examples to get you started. The audio samples can be downloaded for free and come in two versions, with and without the guitar, enabling the student to play over the backing track. Of special interest are the stretching exercises. RSI is a bitch and by following the instructions the dreaded carpal tunnel syndrome can be avoided.

The book is published by Intuition Publications as a large scale paperback and can be bought from various retailers trough the author's website. The eBook version is only £1.49.


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