December 20, 2012

Cody: Fractures

Danish septet Cody is an band whose dark romantic songs finally get the rich sonic treatment they were aiming for on their new album Fractures. Founded by singer Kaspar Kaae in 2004, the band evolved into an underground favorite - the multi-layered compositions already coming into their own when they opened for bands like the Band of Horses and Tindersticks. By including keys, brass and woodwinds the complex melodies and time signatures have gained depth and urgency.

Fractures is an album to be absorbed without outside interference. It's gentle and unobtrusive, but irresistible. Close the curtains, disconnect the phone, and prepare for a musical trip that will you will remember for years to come.

Cody: Fractures

Fractures is released thru NMS/N.E.W.S. Release date: February 1st.

  1. Disharmony
  2. Grey Birds
  3. Mirror
  4. Caroline
  5. August
  6. Fractured
  7. Close The Door
  8. Cellar
  9. Rocky Mountains
  10. Fortælling
  11. The Ghost Of Today
  12. Go Home

Live dates (supporting Saybia):
  • 01/08 Paradiso, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • 01/09 Paradiso, Amsterdam, The Netherlands


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