November 05, 2012

The Hippy Nuts: I Feel Lucky Tonight

Tim Champion & Kathena Bryant
Tim Champion & Kathena Bryant - photo: John Curry Studio

NYC based The Hippy Nuts have picked a weird name for their music. The duo consisting of singer/harmonica player Kathena Bryant and guitar player/producer/engineer Tim Champion aren't nuts or hippies. They are into Southern rock and blues wrapped in country. Bryant has the Texas twang and Champion has the rock vibe of Seattle. They met in 1993 at NYU and immediately hit it off.

After a Bryant solo album, produced by Champion, they have released three studio albums. The latest full-length, I Feel Lucky Tonight, is a concept album of sorts, dealing with the economic collapse.

It is not a sad album, or overtly political for that matter. With seven originals and two covers, Alice Ripley's Back in the Sugar and Mississippi John Hurt's Beulah Land, the main theme is love winning out in the end. The title track I Feel Lucky Tonight, Working for Love and the album's closer Smile On the Shelf are welcome additions to your list of favourite traditional down-home songs. Gear heads will appreciate Champion's handmade effect pedals.

The Hippy Nuts: I Feel Lucky Tonight

I Feel Lucky Tonight is released on the bands' own label Sandpile Records. Buy it from their website.

  1. Love Put the Hurt On Me
  2. Pouring Out My Soul
  3. Working for Love
  4. Work On Me Baby
  5. Wild In My Heart
  6. I Feel Lucky Tonight
  7. Beulah Land
  8. Back in the Sugar
  9. Smile On the Shelf


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