October 30, 2012

Jarrod Dickenson: The Lonesome Traveler

Singer-songwriter Jarrod Dickenson seems to have settled down in New York. The Lonesome Traveler, his third studio album, is a travelogue about being on the road. Born in Texas, he fell in love with the songs of Townes van Zandt and Guy Clark when he was attending the University of Texas in Austin. He was adamant to become a musician himself, bought a guitar and hit the road, playing at any venue that would have him. Passing through Nashville, which he didn't enjoy at all, he ended up in Brooklyn and became part of the folk scene. He set out to work to have his favourite musicians on his album and to have his hero, producer/engineer Ryan Freeland, overseeing the recordings.

Dickenson come close to the confident phrasing of a young Kris Kristofferson. He is modern day troubadour, his lyrics are influenced by his love for the writings of Steinbeck and Hemingway. Singing about being on the road, Joe Sixpack, nature and women, The Lonesome Traveller is filled with short stories about people who will never make the headlines on the national news. He gives them a voice to be heard by anyone who is willing to listen.

Jarrod Dickenson: The Lonesome Traveler

The Lonesome Traveler is a self-released album. Buy it from his website.

  1. Ain't Waiting Any Longer
  2. The Northern Sea
  3. No Work For A Working Man
  4. Rosalie
  5. Back To Eden
  6. I Remember June
  7. Little Black Dress
  8. Come What May
  9. Bravery (A Bottle of Gin
  10. Ballad Of The Lonesome Traveler
  11. The Walking Bridge
  12. Seasons Change

Live dates:
  • 10/31 Three Legs Festival, Isle of Man
  • 11/01 Three Legs Festival, Isle of Man
  • 11/08 The Black Box (The Green Room), Belfast, Northern Ireland
  • 11/09 The Belfast Barge (w/ Farriers & Gentry Morris), Belfast, Northern Ireland
  • 11/10 Ramada Hotel, Belfast, Northern Ireland
  • 11/13 Caffe Vivaldi, New York, NY
  • 11/15 Hard Luck Cafe, Huntington, NY
  • 11/16 Burlap and Bean (w/ Beth Wood), Newtown Square, PA
  • 11/27 Caffe Vivaldi, New York, NY

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