November 08, 2012


photo: Emma Kathan

After sharing two free singles singer Kim Talon is ready for the launch of her full-length JAN,the self-title debut album of her new project. Those two songs haven't really prepared the listener for the harsh and dark material, a far cry from the catchy college rockers Work For The City and All Of These Igloos.

Praline isn't a sweet song at all, with rumbling guitars from the Pavement variety. Act Like A Pantry screeches an scratches with a demented flute solo. How To Beast kicks off as a fists in the air rocker, but it's filled with smart breaks an shifting time signatures. Ailing Ale is augmented by strings counterpointing the repetitive guitar motive. Odds are that there are plenty of Dinosaur Jr, Sonic Youth, Throwing Muses and Pixies albums in her collection.


JAN is released in the USA on Biakka Records. Release date: November 13.

  1. Work For The City
  2. Some Bite/Some Bitten
  3. No Kind
  4. Praline
  5. Act Like A Pantry
  6. Cousins
  7. All Of These Igloos
  8. How To Beast
  9. Winter's Got My Coat
  10. Red Crust Ow
  11. Ailing Ale
  12. Knit Stems

Live date:
  • 01/25 Northern Winter Beat Music Festival, Aalborg, Denmark


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