November 12, 2012

Galapaghost: crowd funding for new album "Dandelion"

Casey Chandler of indie band Galapaghost seeks funding for the seond album Dandelion. The tracks for the album have been recorded at the Lady Lovely Studio in Pomaretto, Italy, but the mix and such haven't been done yet:

The money that we can gather thanks to you wonderful contributors with Musicraiser will be used to complete the project. This includes mixing, mastering, graphics, CD pressing, a possible vinyl pressing, the realization of one or more music videos, promotion, press and cash funding for the European 2013 tour, which we are already planning. Unfortunately, the amount of money we calculated is a quite low compared to our needs because of our international ambitions. The costs are much higher because we want to effectively promote the album all over Europe and the US as well. Therefore, the minimum amount that we need for the production of the album, which are the out of pocket expenses we incur for a first run of the album, is the amount you see written here. So the realization of the project depends on you! So please help us!

The first of half of the album can be downloaded for free from Bandcamp.ocm.

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